Woodwind Extraordinaire!

This week in music, Rose, Ed and Violet offered to show us their woodwind instruments – the saxophone. They explained to us how they work, how to hit different notes and what the purpose of the reed was. Each of them also performed for us and showed us just how hard they’d been working on perfecting their skills. Year 5 were blown away at how impressively they played. Well done!

Also on Friday, we had house time in each of our house groups. Over in St. Hilda’s we made lucky money packets (討紅包; pinyin: tǎo hóngbāo) to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Can you remember what the new year’s animal is?

Well done Esther (who has achieved 100 entries) and Keer (who is already a grand master)! Great reading, well done!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Vous désirez?

This week in French we worked on our conversational skills. We learned how to politely ask for a drink in a cafe or restaurant and learned how to react (as if we were the waiter). We performed our role plays to the rest of the class to show what we had learned. Your pronunciation was fantastic!

In RHE, our focus for this week was this moral statement:

Be self-disciplined and able to delay or even deny myself.

We have discussed what this means and we decided to set both short and long term goals for ourselves. What would you like to achieve by the end of the year? What do you want to achieve by the time you are 50? We also discussed what we may have to give up or delay in order to reach our ambitious goals.

Finally, well done to Elin, Eleanor, Alfie, Rose, Keer and Nyree who already have over 100 entries in their reading records! You are half way to becoming a reading ninja! Well done and keep on reading!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Spring Term!

Welcome back and a happy new year to you all! We’ve had a fabulous first week back in Year 5.

In English, we have started a new unit of work in which we are going to write an explanation text. We have delved into the world of Pandora. Check out the video we are using:

We started by looking at all of the new vocabulary used in this video; some of it was quite complex! Can you remember what bio-luminescent means?

In History, we have started the slimy Stuarts! This week we learned about James I of England who thought his power was part of the divine right of kings. Do you remember what the ‘union of crowns’ was?

We have started two new units of work in PE. Gymnastics (with Mrs Damti) and Tag Rugby.

In RE we have started our new mission topic. We used straws to blow paint to create an effect that the positive words (such as freedom and joy) were overshadowing the negative.

Our math homework is now completed through an online app or website called ‘Mathletics’ which we trialled in the Autumn term. This means we will no longer be issuing 4-a-day; however, children will be set new activities every Monday which should be completed by the following Sunday. Thanks for your on-going co-operation with this!

Enjoy your weekend!

Merry Christmas!

What a Christmas week we have had in Year 5! Rock bands, our Christmas performances, making Christmas cards and crafts and even a Christmas party! Have the best Christmas year 5 and I will see you in 2020!

Save the Children!

Today was Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. Thank you so much for all of your kind donations – I’m sure our contributions will make a huge difference!

We also enjoyed our Christmas dinner together in the hall!

Today, Poppy visited school for the first time…

We had our final liturgy of 2019 this week to celebrate the end of our Advent topic in RE.

Have a great weekend everyone…I’ll see you next week for our last week of the (calendar) year!

Mini Police Visit

This week the neighbourhood CSO’s came in to talk to our mini-police all about positive relationships. The children were kitted up in their tops, coats, lanyards, caps and high-visibility vests so the whole school knew that the mini-police were watching!

Today was also a PTA non-school uniform day. Thank you so much for all of your donations towards the Christmas fayre!

Have a great week everyone!


Some of the children changed the liturgical cloth to purple on our prayer table to mark the beginning of advent.

In English this week, we started to look at a video called ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’. Before we started our topic, we first needed to find out what alchemy was. Alchemists were people who transformed or created something through a seemingly magical process; a bit like witches and wizards! We decided to test like an alchemist using different potions and solutions to see which would clean our pennies best. Do you remember what the secret ingredient was?

In Science we have been looking at which materials are the best electrical conductors. Some materials do not allow electricity to pass and so our circuits weren’t complete. What was your recommendation for which would be the best material to use if we wanted really bright flood lights for a football pitch?

On Friday we were lucky enough to have Liz Million (an author and illustrator) come in and visit each year group. The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing what she had to say and even doing some of their own illustrations!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday.