Trips Galore!

On Friday, Year 5 visited Castle Keep to consolidate their knowledge of the history topic all about the Tudors. It was great to see how much the children had learned when our guides were asking us questions! We visited Bessie Surtee’s house on the Newcastle Quayside and also went in to (and on top of) the castle and learned all about Tudor punishments in the 1600s.

Also this week, Year 5 visited Walker Dome as part of our annual ‘Healthy Active Lifestyle Events’. The children played games (such as dodgeball and handball) against other schools. There was no winners or losers; we just wanted the children to get active, have fun and show some of the core values displayed through sport.


Brighten Up!

Today was brighten up the world this harvest day where the children all came to school looking fantastic in their bright clothes and accessories! Thank you for all of your donations for CAFOD; one of the largest aid networks in the world!

Brilliant Biographies

This week in English, the children moved on to their next topic: biographies. In the first lesson, we worked in groups to find out about a famous person by reading an extract from their biography. Some of the people we had never even heard of before! Can you remember who you read about? We told the rest of the class what we had learned by delivering fantastic presentations.

Afterwards, I asked the children who they would like to research and write their very own biographies about. Answers ranged from youtubers to footballers to popstars! I’m looking forward to find out about all of the famous people you look up to and what they have achieved in their life.

This got us to thinking in RHE, what have we achieved in our lives? We looked at this statement:

I know that each person has a purpose in the World and that God has created me for a particular purpose.

Firstly we discussed Oscar Romero and what his purpose was in the world. Then we reflected on how we would like to fulfill our purpose which God has created us for. What are you destined for?

Have a great weekend!

Eye of the Storm

In English we have been building up to writing our narratives based on a video called the ‘Eye of the Storm’. Check it out!

On Wednesday, in preparation for our final written piece, we worked in groups to construct a drama performance on what we think will happen when the protagonist enters the eye. The children performed fantastically and came up with some great ideas about what could lie through the abyss…

On Wednesday, the children planned their first class liturgy to reflect on the ‘Ourselves’ topic with Mrs Damti.

In PE on Monday, we continued with our fundamental skills and used the apparatus to work on our core strength and balancing skills. The children had a great time climbing, jumping and stabilising themselves at great heights.

Have a great weekend everyone!


This half term in PE, we are lucky enough to have an NUFC coach in to teach us invasion games through hockey. The coach is also providing football training to the boys’ football club. On Tuesday, we worked on dribbling in hockey and then competed against each other in games. It was great fun!

On Mondays, we are working on our fundamental movement skills through circuit training and building our core strength.

Crotchets, Quavers and Rests

Year 5 have been learning how to read music focusing initially on crotchets, quavers and rests. Last week we clapped along to the music which we wrote ourselves; however, this week, we incorporated instruments. It was great to see the children able to play in time with each other and read the music fluently.

Great work!

Cryptology at RGS

This week on Wednesday, Year 5 visited the Royal Grammar School to take part in a cryptology workshop. Firstly, we played a game of pacman and then used scratch to make our very own pacman games. It is incredible what we achieved and we can continue with this design here in school during ICT throughout the year.

Great work everyone!