Save the Children!

Today was Christmas Jumper Day in aid of Save the Children. Thank you so much for all of your kind donations – I’m sure our contributions will make a huge difference!

We also enjoyed our Christmas dinner together in the hall!

Today, Poppy visited school for the first time…

We had our final liturgy of 2019 this week to celebrate the end of our Advent topic in RE.

Have a great weekend everyone…I’ll see you next week for our last week of the (calendar) year!

Mini Police Visit

This week the neighbourhood CSO’s came in to talk to our mini-police all about positive relationships. The children were kitted up in their tops, coats, lanyards, caps and high-visibility vests so the whole school knew that the mini-police were watching!

Today was also a PTA non-school uniform day. Thank you so much for all of your donations towards the Christmas fayre!

Have a great week everyone!


Some of the children changed the liturgical cloth to purple on our prayer table to mark the beginning of advent.

In English this week, we started to look at a video called ‘The Alchemist’s Letter’. Before we started our topic, we first needed to find out what alchemy was. Alchemists were people who transformed or created something through a seemingly magical process; a bit like witches and wizards! We decided to test like an alchemist using different potions and solutions to see which would clean our pennies best. Do you remember what the secret ingredient was?

In Science we have been looking at which materials are the best electrical conductors. Some materials do not allow electricity to pass and so our circuits weren’t complete. What was your recommendation for which would be the best material to use if we wanted really bright flood lights for a football pitch?

On Friday we were lucky enough to have Liz Million (an author and illustrator) come in and visit each year group. The children thoroughly enjoyed hearing what she had to say and even doing some of their own illustrations!

Have a great weekend everyone! See you Monday.

Mini Police

Five children from Year 5 were chosen to be mini police. The local sergeant came in to officially welcome the children into the force!

In Maths on Monday, we did a practical lesson to increase our confidence in division – in particular in interpreting remainders in a variety of ways. We now know how to interpret any left over amounts as remainders, fractions and decimals! We played a Kahoot! quiz on the iPads to consolidate our understanding.

Have a great weekend!

Anti-Bullying Week

This week, we had Jason from GEM education in school with us to do some work related to anti bullying week. We learned how to use lots of new apps and made videos and animations for our assembly on Friday.

In Science, we did an experiment to see which material would be the best thermal insulator. What was your hypothesis?

Friday was children in need and the school has raised over £1,100! Thank you so much to all of the children for collecting sponsors for St. Charles’ does Strictly, and thanks to Miss Bell and the Mini Vinnies for organising this event for such a great cause.

Have a great weekend!

Seder Plates

This week, the children have started learning about Judaism. Mrs Damti brought in some foods which are eaten on the Seder plate during Passover. Can you remember what all of the foods symbolise?

We have also started our new Geography topic; climates around the world. We used globes and the atlases to locate countries near to the equator. Are countries nearer to the equator hotter or colder? Can you remember why?

In Science, we are now learning about properties and changes of materials. We spent our first lesson learning some new vocabulary and using this knowledge to check whether different materials were magnetic, permeable, translucent or durable.

Finally, in preparation for Children in Need next week, the children have been getting active and learning a Charleston dance! Rehearsals are going swimmingly and hopefully we can raise lots of money along the way for the children in need.

Have a great weekend!

MAD Week

Year 5 have had a fantastic, innovative week doing all things creative! Our theme for MAD week this year was ‘Endangered Animals’. Year 5 and 6’s focus was the mountain gorilla. We researched this animal and made creative non-chronological reports to see what threats the gorillas face and how we could help. Can you remember why the mountain gorilla is one of the most critically endangered animals in the world?

We then made a brilliant piece of art which was framed for our parents to buy. We used straws to blow paint artistically across our page and then we drew a gorilla using charcoal pencils to stick over the background.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we looked in detail at an artist named Henri Rousseau. We found out that he never actually visited the jungle but a lot of his art work resembled jungles and included what are now endangered species. We evaluated his work and then used him and the wildlife around us as inspiration to build up to creating pieces of our own.

On Thursday, we used design technology skills to make dioramas. We gathered materials at home and in the school grounds to add to our designs. I was so impressed with the quality of the work produced by the children both independently and in their groups. Great work!

Thank you to all of the parents who have supported the children in buying their paintings and allowing them to bring in materials from home. The children have all had a fantastic week.

Have a great half term!

-Mrs Kelly